Our Company

Sustech Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, is housed in a modern facility where manufacturing is carried out exclusively on state of the art machinery.

Operations were established in 1994 and kept growing over the years. Today, Sustech supplies various national and international industries, offering our product ranges and services to intermediaries as well as end users.

We strive towards the highest quality of precision manufactured products, by adhering to internationally recognized quality systems and regulatory standards. We achieve this through continuously improving our processes, services and product ranges, whilst working in partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers.

The current ranges have been designed around hands-on experience to ensure that products meet highest application requirements with a maximum safety margin. Customer safety is of utmost importance to Sustech. Therefore, Sustech has invested in sophisticated testing equipment to allow us to put all of our products through a rigorous series of tests prior to final design approval.

Along with careful design, precise manufacturing and strict assembly controls, Sustech further ensures safety by 100% testing all its products as a standard procedure. For even greater assurance, further safety checks such as hydrostatic testing and customer specific testing can also be done on request.

As well as manufacturing standard ranges, Sustech also designs and manufactures custom products according to client specifications. Our competent design team and highly trained staff excel at meeting their unique product requirements. Sustech is committed to producing a product of outstanding quality.

Company Resources

In order to uphold the high levels of efficiency and service to its customers, Sustech Manufacturing continually invests in its machinery and equipment,ensuring it is always on the cutting edge of technology:
  • ŸProduction processes are run on state of the art CNC controlled machines allowing tighter tolerances and ensuring repeatability.
  • ŸAll designs are first proved on our SolidWorks 3D design stations before a prototype is produced. These solid models are evaluated and checked against national and international standards and regulations.
  • ŸSustech invested in a design validation testing station, capable of producing hydrostatic test pressures up to 50 000 psi (3500 bar) and nitrogen gas pressures up to 11 500 psi (790 bar).
  • ŸSustech mitigates risk by reducing outsourced processes to a minimum, keeping a tighter control on traceability and product quality.
  • ŸCustomized in-house software improves efficiency through reducing human error, improving downtime, ensuring revision control, enforcing traceability as well as real time data logging.
  • ŸTo improve staff mobility, Sustech has moved locally hosted data to the Cloud.
  • ŸAs an added precaution, Sustech installed a backup generator capable of supporting full operation of the entire facility if needed.
  • ŸSustech is committed to quality and is currently ISO 9001:2008 certified. Wehave maintained this certification since 1996.
  • ŸSustech demonstrates responsibility through the permanent retention of traceability records.