Sustech Product Ranges

Keep a look out for Sustech's rapidly expanding range of Instrument Compression Fittings, Pipe Fittings and Adapters. 

Sustech has won numerous awards over the years including a presidents award for excellence.

Sustech has many bracket options available for its range of Instrument manifolds. Special requests are possible with our dynamic workshop.


Needle Valves / Hand Valves

Gauge Valves NPT, BSPT, BSPG
BSPG Gauge Valves and Swivel

All Sustech's products are designed and tested to the highest possible standards to ensure world class quality.

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Instrument Manifolds

Air Headers (Ball Valves)

Instrumentation Air Headers


Condensate Pots

Flow Orifice Plates

Meter Runs / Flow Elements

Compact API 602 Gate Valves

DBB Ball Valves
Gauge Syphons

Multi-Port Gauge Valves
/ Root Valves

DBB Gauge Valves

Instrumentation Fittings

Pipe and Adapter Fittings
Gauge Adapters