Type DBB Direct Mount DP Manifold
Pipe to Flange (Isolate Vent Isolate)
Inlets Female 1/2" NPT
Outlets Flanged 'O'-Ring Transmitter Hook-Up
Packing PTFE
M.C.W.P. Pressure 6000 psi / 10000 psi
Temperature Range -30°C (-22°F) to 215°C (420°F) PTFE
-30°C (-22°F) to 440°C (824°F) Graphite
Weight 0.89 kg

2 Way Direct Mount DBB Manifold

The L2/DF manifold mounts directly to standard pressure transmitters. It utilizes the industry known Isolate Vent Isolate pattern. This provides "Positive Energy Isolation" where maximum safety is needed during maintenance. Great cost benefits are achieved due to the elminiation of multi valve systems. The manifold is supplied with the transmitter seals as standard, with the bolting kit being included as and option added to the part number.


  • Compact and light weight
  • DBB design ensuring "Positive Energy Isolation" of both process and instrument sides
  • Reduces costs due to eliminating multi valve systems
  • Simplifies installation
  • Liquid and vapor service
  • Large clearance between tap handles
  • Allows isolation and removal of transmitter as well as calibration
  • Full traceability
  • 100% pressure tested
  • Up-stream venting available
  • Various bolting kits available
  • Versatile mounting options for horizontal and vertical mounts
  • Available in most exotic materials

Plug Option >>>
To order manifold with plug installed use
-P option in the part number
Bleed Plug Option >>>
To order manifold with bleedplug installed use
-Q option for the part number
2 Bolt Kit Options >>>
2 Bolt manifold to transmitter assembly kit
-ZK option for carbon steel bolts and 
-ZH option for 316SS bolts
 Bracket Options >>>
  This is a bracket example  

Transmitter Gasket Seals >>>
Gasket seals kits can be ordered
SEALS-24-18-2.75PT for PTFE (teflon)
SEALS-24-18-3.2PG for Graphite (Graphoil)
Certification and Testing >>>
These Manifolds are 100% tested and can be supplied with all relevant traceability documentation and EN10204 3.1 MTR certs.
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Compression Fittings Connector Kit >>>
To order manifold with compression fittings use
KIT-1234 option in the part number