Type 2 Valve Co-Planar Manifold
Pipe to Flange
Inlets Female 1/2" NPT
Outlets Flanged Co-Planar Transmitter Hook-Up
Packing PTFE
M.C.W.P. Pressure 6000 psi / 10000 psi
Temperature Range -30°C (-22°F) to 215°C (420°F) PTFE
-30°C (-22°F) to 440°C (824°F) Graphite
Weight 0.80 kg

2 Valve Co-Planar Manifold

The L2/C manifold mounts directly to Rosemount 3051 Co-Planar style transmitters. It is designed to be a direct replacement for existing installations. The manifold can be supplied with its bolting kit easily with an adder on the part number.


  • Produced to be a direct replacement for current installations
  • ŸFeatures Rosemount 3/8” x 16 UNC mounting option as standard
  • ŸVent port on process face for easy piping away of hazardous media Ÿ
  • Flanged Narrow Outlet 3051 Transmitter “O” Ring Hook-Up Ÿ
  • Full traceablilty Ÿ
  • 100% Pressure tested
  • ŸVarious bolting kits available
  • ŸAvailable in most exotic materials

Plug Option >>>
To order manifold with plug installed use
-P option in the part number
Bleed Plug Option >>>
To order manifold with bleedplug installed use
-Q option for the part number
2 Bolt Kit Options >>>
2 Bolt manifold to transmitter assembly kit
-ZK option for carbon steel bolts and 
-ZH option for 316SS bolts
 Bracket Options >>>
  This is a bracket example  

Transmitter Gasket Seals >>>
Gasket seals kits can be ordered
SEALS-24-18-2.75PT for PTFE (teflon)
SEALS-24-18-3.2PG for Graphite (Graphoil)
Certification and Testing >>>
These Manifolds are 100% tested and can be supplied with all relevant traceability documentation and EN10204 3.1 MTR certs.
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Compression Fittings Connector Kit >>>
To order manifold with compression fittings use
KIT-1234 option in the part number