Type 2 Way T-Section Manifold - Wide Body
Pipe to Flange
Inlets Female 1/2" NPT
Outlets Flanged "O" Ring Transmitter Hook-Up
Packing PTFE
M.C.W.P. Pressure 6000 psi / 10000 psi
Temperature Range -30°C (-22°F) to 215°C (420°F) PTFE -30°C (-22°F) to 440°C (824°F) Graphite
Weight 1.40 kg

2 Way T-Section Manifold - Wide Body

The L2/HKW manifold mounts directly to standard pressure transmitters, allowing isolation and venting of process media for testing and calibration of transmitter with ease. The wide body design enhances installation by allowing 4 transmitter bolts to be used as well as improving vent port access. The manifold is supplied with the transmitter seals as standard, with the bolting kit being included as and option added to the part number.


  • Wide body design provides greater ease of use and installation
  • Allows the user to bolt the transmitter to the manifold using 4 bolts
  • All taps are full sized tap designs with adjustable gland packings (No mini taps used). This provides all the many safety features related to the tap design
  • No miniature tap handles utilized, minimizing force required to operate the tap
  • No "cheat holes" are used for porting, therefor minimizing leak paths
  • Mounting point location allows easy removal of the transmitter without disconnecting the manifold
  • Un-obstructed installation and removal of transmitter bolts
  • Versatile mounting options for horizontal and vertical mounts
  • Vent port located side of the manifold for easy access and operation
  • 100% pressure tested