Gauge Cocks

  Gauge Cocks provide an economical way to shut off the flow of air to the pressure instrument, thereby allowing the instrument to be isolated from the pressure media or removed from service. They are intended for use on air lines where minor leakage is not of concern. All Sustech's gauge cocks are produced with a high quality finish.


Female / Gauge Swivel

Female / Female

Male / Female

Pressure Rating 40 bar / 550psi  
Temperature Rating -20 deg C to 100 deg C  
Media Type Air / Non Toxic  

Dimensions (mm)
Thread Size Length Hex Height  
1/4" 60mm 19 Hex 111  
1/2" 68mm 27 Hex 222  
  • Shut-off and throttle device with plug, for mounting between pressure gauge and upstream cooling sector, e.g. siphon
  • Three operating positions can be set with the cock/plug: venting position (pressure gauge is depressurised and vented), measuring or through position (pressure gauge is pressurised), exhaust position (the measuring medium is released to outdoors)
  • Females G1/4B or G1/2B fixed on both sides
  • Suitable for gases, vapours and fluids from -10°C to +50°C
  • Suitable for brass compatible measuring media
  • Maximum operating pressure 16 bar