Gauge Snubbers

  Pressure snubbers protect pressure gauges from the harmful effects of vibrations generated in a pressurized system with pulsations such as positive displacement pumps or compressors. The pressure snubber works by evening out pressure fluctuations. Snubbers do not alter the pressure of the process, but reduces the pulsation in the line, thereby improving the stability of the gauge reading, while extending the effective lifetime of the gauge.

A fluid filled gauge can achieve a similar result, but some pressure systems are so intensive that you need to install a snubber in addition. When one is interested in the measurement of fast, transient pressures (such as to initiate safety interlocks on rising pressures), snubbers should not be used, as they delay the response of the safety system.





Pressure Rating 40 bar / 550psi  
Temperature Rating -20 deg C to 100 deg C  
Media Type Air / Non Toxic  

Dimensions (mm)
Thread Size Length Hex Height  
1/4" 60mm 19 Hex 111  
1/2" 68mm 27 Hex 222  
  • Available in Brass and Stainless steel
  • Choice of connection sizes
  • Suitable for gases, vapours and fluids from -10°C to +50°C(brass) and - 50°C to +250°C
  • Suitable for process media compatible with the selected material