Gauge Siphons



Gauge siphons are used to protect the gauge from hot pressure media such as live steam or other hot vapors. It also has an effect of reducing rapid pressure spikes. A siphon filled with water should be installed between the gauge and the process line. If used in a cold environment where freezing of the condensate in the loop of the siphon may occur, a diaphragm seal should be used instead to isolate the gauge from the process steam or hot vapors.

Available options include versions for horizontal and vertical installations. Typical shapes are center exit loops (pig tails), tangential exit loops, u-bends and right angle u-bends.

Available in a wide variety of connections such as NPT threads, BSP threads, Welded Connection and BSP Swivel connection.

Pressure Rating 40 bar / 550psi  
Temperature Rating -20 deg C to 100 deg C  
Media Type Air / Non Toxic  

Dimensions (mm)
Thread Size Length Hex Height  
1/4" 60mm 19 Hex 111  
1/2" 68mm 27 Hex 222