NPT Gauge Swivels


  Sustech Gauge Swivel align pressure gauges, switches and pressure transmitters easily through a 360° range for easy access to readouts ensuring neat and tidy layout of equipment. Simple to use, install and align, these units offer a cost effective means of dramaitically improving operations and allows for a tidy look. Offered in male/male and male/female version, this swivel can be added to almost any existing installation.



Male to Female

Male to Male

Pressure Rating up to 690 bar / 10000psi  
Temperature Rating -50 deg C to 250 deg C  
Media Type Air / Non Toxic  

Dimensions (mm)
Thread Size Length Hex Height  
1/4" 60mm 19 Hex 111  
1/2" 68mm 27 Hex 222  
  • Shut-off and throttle device with plug, for mounting between pressure gauge and upstream cooling sector, e.g. siphon
  • Three operating positions can be set with the cock/plug: venting position (pressure gauge is depressurised and vented), measuring or through position (pressure gauge is pressurised), exhaust position (the measuring medium is released to outdoors)
  • Females G1/4B or G1/2B fixed on both sides
  • Suitable for gases, vapours and fluids from -10°C to +50°C
  • Suitable for brass compatible measuring media
  • Maximum operating pressure 16 bar