DBB Manifolds - L2D


Our DBB gauge valves are primarily used for isolation, maintenance and calibration of pressure gauges, switches and pressure transmitters. The Double Block and Bleed design provides maximum safety by ensuring “Positive Energy Isolation”. Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and connection options.


See below for connection options
  • Superior valvehead technology
  • Metal to metal seat for bubble tight shutoff
  • Bonnet to body seal below bonnet threads isolating them from the process media
  • DBB design ensuring “Positive Energy Isolation” of both process and instrument sides
  • Reduces cost due to eliminating multi valve systems
  • Simplifies Installation
  • Reduced leak paths
  • Large spacing between the taps reducing the possibility of pinching fingers
  • Ergonomic angled tap design allowing the user to access all valveheads from one side of the manifold
  • Equipped with a 1/4” NPT vent port between the two isolates
  • Many connection options available. Possible connections are male thread, female thread, tube end, butt weld and socket weld
  • Full Traceablilty back to source
  • 100% Pressure tested
  • 2 Times over-pressure safety margin
  • Manifold marking to a minimum of MSS-SP-25